1.  I pledge allegiance to The Saints, and to the great city of New Orleans; and to The Super Bowl, for which we will win; One city, below sea level, under God; with Mardi Gras & alcohol for all!

2.  Notice to my boss:  If the Saints win, I’m not coming in on Monday.

3.  Bobby Hebert does the stanky leg.

4.  What It Means to be a Saints Fan

5.  Who Dat?!:  Songs for the New Orleans Saints

6.  A Saintly Conversation

7.  Dear Miami

8.  Who dat say we can’t print dat?

9.  Saints inspire cancer survivor

10.  Follow the New Orleans Saints on Twitter!

11.  Who Dat origins

12.  Get to know Gumbo the Dog

13.  Support a Saints Foundation.

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6 thoughts on “Saintsational

  1. Andrea D says:

    A-mazing!!! Perfection!!

  2. topsurf says:

    Wow, this is pretty sweet! I’m so excited for the game on Sunday. Sad I couldn’t find a jersey around here but will be cheering for anyway in my Eagles Jersey! GO SAINTS!!!

  3. Janet says:

    Fingers crossed!!!

  4. Janet says:

    omg i totally want one of those cancer tshirts!!!

  5. saintseester says:

    Mah tummy hurts. My seester and her family is arriving tomorrow to watch the game with me, then we’re ditching our fams to go to new orleans for the win-or-lose victory parade.

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