If It’s Meant to Be, It’s up to Me

Bo‘s comment on my last post has resonated with me for a few hours.  Yes, Bo, I know it does … in part, at least.   I made a call to my association today.  I am going to file a grievance against the person who is harassing me making my work life miserable.  I am also going to immediately request a transfer for next year.  That is all.

P. S. Check out my new ring tone.

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5 thoughts on “If It’s Meant to Be, It’s up to Me

  1. bo says:

    It’s a little confusing that two people named Bo commented yesterday, especially when you’re the OTHER Bo.

  2. Kwizgiver says:

    That may be my very favorite new song.

  3. putzaroo says:

    soo..let me get this straight… you listen to what some faceless twit (no offense intended) has to say, but ignore what your HUSBAND has been saying for the last year????

  4. Devyl says:

    Sometimes, @putzaroo, it takes hearing it from someone who isn’t close to you.

    Cajunvegan: WOOT! I hope you get the transfer, and I hope this was the start of a MUCH BETTER year for you. I love that ring tone. If I could figure out how to use ringtones that aren’t just rings on this damn phone, I’d be snagging that for someone in particular!

  5. topsurf says:

    This is music to my ears, I know you can’t and I can’t wait until you are out of there! You deserve to be happy.

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