Born to Hunt Forced to Work

Are you new here?  This one isn’t about you.  The best posts on this blog are always about me.

Today was one of the most positive first days of work I have ever had as a school administrator.   Yeah, I know.  I’m shocked too.  Personally, I think I deserve it after the toxicity from which I just rid myself.

Being new to an existing building has its advantages and disadvantages.   While I am basking in the glow of all the positivity around me, I do not know the building very well which can be a huge disadvantage (even though I have a school map and an app for that).   This is where you, I Read Banned Books visitors, come in.  I want you to send me on a scavenger hunt.

Who: My lovers, lurkers, twisties, and stalkers

What:  The Psycho Hose Beast Goes on a Scavenger Hunt

When: 8/17/10 – 8/22/10

Where: Higher Ground School (Yes, this is what I’m calling the new work location.)

Why: Because y’all worship me and know that I will go voodoo on all y’all’s asses!

How: Leave a comment here naming the item you would like me to find.  I will post pictures of the found items in a follow-up post on Monday, August 23, 2010.

Disclaimer:  I reserve the right to edit requests and/or photos and be a creative bitch in order to keep both my own and also my employer’s identities private.  In other words, think before you order me to … I don’t know … just challenge me.

With that said, you are now cordially invited to challenge my superior intellect and sarcastic attitude. 

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25 thoughts on “Born to Hunt Forced to Work

  1. Ruprecht says:

    Something that looks like Joe Clark, Jr. ….. but sparkly.

  2. Cylithria says:

    A little green froggie

  3. Cylithria says:

    Oh yeah, and a picture that includes all at once: an eagle, a globe, and an anchor!!

    Oorah for The Higher Ground School and you!

  4. Karin says:

    I am beyond thrilled that you are in a happy, new environment. I want you to find a clarinet reed from the band room. I played the clarinet for a nanosecond in sixth grade and believe this is the item that will elude you on your hunt!

  5. ToniFantastic says:

    d string from an electric bass.

  6. NewYorkJew says:

    For 2 dozen extra points, a *real* fountain pen. If that proves impossible, a highlighter in any color but yellow or orange.

  7. Andrea says:

    I am so happy to hear your day was fantastic!! I’d like to hear more about the app. How awesome is that. I’d like to see an old book from the English Dept. (not the from the library)

  8. mccgood says:

    I wouldn’t mind if you hunted for a bunson burner and if you can do it but I think this wouldn’t fit in your rules an old yearbook but I understand that it probably gives away too much. So I will settle for a bunson burner.

    Have fun

  9. Bronsont says:

    Hummm…. A pair of the football teams game pants flying proudly from the flag pole. Bawahahahaha

  10. Mrs. Chili says:

    Find the janitors’ office/closet (and then make friends with them, ’cause they’re the people who mop up the blood and the puke. Truly; janitors and secretaries are people you want on your side…).

  11. Tara R. says:

    Since a real chalkboard has become obsolete, now that most classrooms have those dry erase whiteboard, find a box of white chalk.

  12. Kwizgiver says:

    Gum stuck to a desk.

  13. saintseester says:

    I want to see the best student graffiti/carving in the bleachers and/or desks.

  14. bo says:

    A rubber-band ball, a spiderweb, and a great spot to sit and read.

  15. fgirl says:

    Bathroom graffiti, the playing fields, the best place to observe students

  16. Beeg487 says:

    hmmmmmmm, I would have to say a wad of gum under a desk, the flirting dance of students, 2 (yes 2) lunch items from the cafeteria, and a black streak from an inappropriate shoe on the gymnasium floor.

  17. A “Mystery Meat” sandwich.

  18. A book by Cordwainer Smith, or one of his contemporaries.


  19. AsKatKnits says:

    A well rosined bow….

  20. Scarlett says:

    A horribly trite motivational poster…one for the kids, one for the staff.

    A public posting of some sort of rule(s).

    PErmanent markers in the same spot as the dry erase markers (setting up a real fun adventure in white board cleaning).

    An umbrella? (ha ha ha in Vegas… do they even have these here?)

    Designated Faculty parking spot.

    A dandelion growing in the football field.

    a replaced floor tile or carpet square, clearly of newer vintage than the surrounding floor.

    a water stain on the ceiling.

  21. Patty says:

    Well, this sucks, how did I miss this? I hate being late to the party! 😦 I hope the scavenger hunt was fun!

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